A Falmouth woman now living in London has given a first hand account of coronavirus in a bid to reassure people.

Charlie Garratt, who lived in Falmouth for seven years and still returns regularly to visit her parents in the town, has explained the symptoms she and her family and friend experienced.

While Charlie's case was unconfirmed, it followed the exact same pattern, at the same time, as a friend who was confirmed as having the Covid-19 virus.

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Writing on Facebook, Charlie, a teacher, said: "Hopefully a reassuring update for you on Covid-19; all of us who have had it so far from my group (which includes someone with a lung condition and someone with a lifelong disability) have followed a similar pattern of symptoms and are almost recovered now since it began a week ago, apart from a draining tiredness.

"We all began with a sore throat and hoarseness, some had a ‘strange’ headache. Some of us also had an upset stomach, this then moved into slight breathlessness before a fever began which came and went.

"For my confirmed friend the breathlessness was so severe she went to hospital on 111’s advice, where they tested her and that is how she was confirmed positive three days later. Some also had conjunctivitis.

"The breathlessness increases with a cough for some but not all. My children have had dry coughs with fevers, which have come in the evening but not bothered them. We cannot say 100 per cent that we’ve all definitely had it without testing, but the odds are very high that this was Covid-19.

"I don’t want to underplay it but want to share our experience. I’m not saying it will be mild for everyone, I felt rough and was scared about what could happen, but I rested as much as I could.

"I would usually have carried on teaching with this level of illness because that’s what we do. Luckily it was the weekend and I got the call which forced me to rest. I am sure this allowed my body to fight it.

"Whenever I got up to do housework like changing a bed or hoovering I became breathless and dizzy and had to sit down again."

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She advised anyone worrying about whether their symptoms were or were not Covid-19, because they didn't fit the official fever and cough guidance, to just rest and not worry.

"If it is or isn't at the moment you are very likely to get it at some point and the more rest you have the better able to fight it you will be.

"I have given a wide range of mild symptoms that my group who were in direct prolonged contact with a confirmed positive case (which has grown by four further people) but that doesn't mean every incidence will follow the same pattern.

"The common feeling is that something is trying to make you poorly, through your lungs especially and your body is fighting back."