IT is fair to say that we are currently experiencing an unprecedented and uncertain situation.

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic has ratcheted up a few notches in the last few days, with schools, workplaces and public gatherings being shut down to try and control the spread of Covid-19.

These measures have also led to the cancellation of all elite and grassroots sport throughout the country.

Naturally, that makes the job of sports reporter rather difficult. No sports matches to attend, no dramatic moments to analyse and nothing to discuss with its participants.

Of course, there are far more important things to be concerned about at this moment in time, and my colleagues over on the Packet news desk are working tirelessly to bring you the most important and up-to-date information.

But the beauty of sport is, and always has been, how it brings people together. It acts as a distraction from everything else in the world, it celebrates wonderful achievements and offers a beacon of joy and positivity in the lives of those who may need a bit of a lift.

It is important to read the news on this constantly developing situation in order to get the information you need (which you can find on our homepage), but it can be overwhelming and, frankly, a bit scary for some people, and we have always needed things like sport to give us a bit of light relief.

The live sport may have ceased for the time being, but we will have plenty of nostalgia pieces, opinion columns, quizzes, special features and long reads coming over the coming weeks.

Hopefully these will remind you of Cornwall’s sporting glory, keep you entertained during self-isolation and lighten the mood slightly in these uncertain times. After all, that is what sport has always done.

We will also bring you the latest news and updates regarding the coronavirus’ impact on local sport and we will be back on the beat as soon as our sportsmen and women return to the field/court/course/table.

But until then we hope that we can be of service to you as a bit of a pick-me-up during this unprecedented situation that we find ourselves in.

And last but not least, look after yourselves and those around you.


Matt Friday
sports reporter