A CORNISH MP has reacted angrily at news that holidaymakers and second homeowners are being encouraged to visit county during the coronavirus outbreak.

Steve Double, MP for St Austell and Newquay, has told people not to visit the county to make a difficult situation even worse.

Mr Double said: "As a proud Cornishman I never thought I would say this - but please do NOT come to Cornwall for a holiday in the coming weeks.

"I know its tempting but a holiday is NOT essential travel. We have enough to deal with on our own without people coming here with the virus and putting even more pressure on our NHS and supermarkets.

"I know holiday firms are understandably worried about their business. But encouraging people to come on holiday is really not going to help."

The plea from Mr Double comes in the light of a facebook post from Cornish campaign group Kernow Matters To Us, which was outraged at a holiday company urging people to "get your familes away from towns and cities and self isolate in Cornwall".

The group (KMTU) also published a message from Dr Heveron, who works at Royal Cornwall Hospital in Truro:

"Please please please take covid seriously and stop all non essential contact with anyone. It's going to be seriously bad in Cornwall and lots of people's lives will be at risk.

"And second homers and holiday makers - PLEASE DON'T COME TO CORNWALL. We're going to struggle with beds as it is, without lots of extra people. And you're likely to bring infection with you. 

"There will be plenty of other years to come on holiday. Please please please think of everyone else and stay up country until the worst is over!"

Heidi Clode, a nurse, added: "People who should be self isolating are not.

"Please stay at home and shout if you need anything. We're a tight community and can get through this but only if you stay at home and avoid unnecessary contact."