The owner of a coffee shop and cafe is giving struggling people the chance to get free food and drink thanks to the generosity of customers.

Natasha Mossayebi, owner of the Coffee Hut in Helston, has set up the Pay It Forward scheme, as growing numbers of people find it harder to find food for themselves or their families during the coronavirus outbreak due to panic-buying and loss of jobs.

Customers buying takeaway food or drink from the cafe in Coinagehall Street can add on the cost of an extra item, to be used by someone in need.

Natasha explained: "One of our lovely customers gave us an extremely generous amount of money to get us going with this. We can’t thank you enough.

"The idea of ‘Pay It Forward’ is that you can pay in advance for someone else’s meal or hot drink so that someone who is in need – whether they are down on their luck, lost their purse, out of work or even homeless - can access a meal or drink and even some comfort for a while.

"So in these difficult times, if you’re struggling financially we welcome you to come and have a coffee, some lunch or a cake without having to worry about the cost.

"And if there’s anyone who would like to help and contribute towards the pay it forward scheme, next time you’re in and buying a coffee why not buy one but pay for two and we’ll put the extra in our Pay it Forward kitty?"