Three beach cafes in Falmouth have succumbed to the coronavirus outbreak.

Life's a Beach cafe at Maenporth closed it's doors yesterday, after dozens of people failed to adhere to social distancing precautions whilst queueing.

On their facebook page, the owners said: "We have made the tough, sad decision to close the cafe tonight. We have tried implementing safety measures for our staff and customers with queueing systems and precautions for our staff but unfortunately we feel people are still not taking it seriously, Social Distancing seems to be a problem.

"We feel as the weather improves this is going to be more of a problem and we are encouraging people to come out when we are being told to stay at home.

"We have had a tough year with the fire which as you know we have still not recovered from and now this virus. But ultimately health is the most important thing, we need to keep ourselves and our families safe at this difficult time."

The statements adds that they will be continuing daily beach duties and monitoring the car park and beach. 

It added: "We want to thank everyone for your custom throughout this year. Not the best first year of business with the fire etc but at no point have we ever fallen out of love with Maenporth Beach/Cafe."

Gylly Beach Cafe has taken the decision to close its takeaway and delivery service due to the Covid 19 virus.

A facebook post said: "This was an incredibly difficult decision to take as whilst it was still legally allowed to operate we also felt that we could be compromising the health of both you, our much valued customer and our incredibly loyal staff.

"These are indeed quite exceptional times that we find ourselves in, and contrary to the opinion of a few that have taken to social media to express their opinion, we have remained open the last few days, not to look after our profits but to provide a service to those that enjoy visiting the beach and providing a livelihood to our staff.

"Whilst the Chancellor made it easier to look after our staff with his announcement last Friday, we also felt that we should keep the takeaway open to help feed the public and provide some respite from the monotony of isolation.

"However we feel that the mood has changed in the past 36 hours and it is now the correct option to close completely.

"Thankyou all for your valued support over the past few years and we hope to see you all very soon when this terrible situation is finally over."

Swanpool Beach Cafe also took the decision to close yesterday.

Their facebook post stated: "Things have moved so quickly in the last few days that this now feels like the right thing to do. To all our lovely and loyal customers we’re sorry, stay safe and we’ll be back serving you your brownies and quirky ice creams before you know it.

"To our hard working staff, thank you so much. We hope you can all enjoy Swanpool Beach and the nature reserve safely in the coming months. Take care and see you soon."