Last night's lockdown of the country by Prime Minister Boris Johnson has led to new measures being taken over waste and recycling.

With immediate effect, Cornwall Council has closed all 14 of its waste and recycling centres, in line with current restrictions that prevent people from leaving their home except in certain circumstances deemed "absolutely necessary."

As a result, people are no longer able to visit centres, including at Longdowns and on the outskirts of Helston, to get rid of their own waste in what would currently be classed as unnecessary travel.

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However, the authority has confirmed that both the kerbside waste and recycling collections will continue as normal.

Bin bags and recycling should be left out as usual, on the normally scheduled days.

It follows some confusion in recent days over whether kerbside recycling would continue as the coronavirus outbreak continues to result in tighter and tighter restrictions.

Cornwall Council leader Julian German had initially suggested that black bag collections would be the most important public health element of the waste collections, which could lead to recycling collections being stopped.

However, he went on to clarify that “things MAY change depending upon staff resource” and changes to kerbside collections would only come into force in extreme circumstances - and the council was not currently in these circumstances.

The council has also issued new guidance for putting out rubbish to protect people and reduce the risk of spreading infection.

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