Measures to improve the safety of the main road between Helston and Redruth have been revealed.

While the timings of such work are currently unknown, due to the ongoing restrictions in place over coronavirus, if given the go-ahead the scheme would see the widening of parts of the road, more visible road markings and even a pathway between Helston and Wendron should the funding be available.

This would be carried out in three phases, with all of them currently under consultation by Cornwall Council.

Mike Thomas, who is both a town and Cornwall councillor for Helston, gave an update on the B3297 at last week's meeting of the town council.

He said: "The officers were very helpful and they really wanted to find a way of improving safety on this road.

"This is a 1,000-year-old track, effectively. This track probably existed as Helston became a charter town.

"We're here in 2020 trying drive at 60mph. Something has to give."

The latest plans follow those from a year ago, when a 40mph limit was proposed for the entire stretch of road, except in the hamlets such as Trenear, Burras and Farms Common, where it would reduce to 30mph.

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This was subsequently shelved due to there not being enough houses along the road to alter the speed limits, but he and Cornwall councillors Loveday Jenkin from the Wendron division, Robert Hendry from Four Lanes and Ian Thomas from Redruth have continued to lobby for safety measures.

In the new plans, phase would include edge lining at points along the whole stretch of road, as well as 'dragon's teeth' to give the effect of road narrowing - and therefore slow cars - at Wendron, Trenear, Farms Common, Burras and Four Lanes, and 'gateway' signs at the entrance to hamlets and villages, with wood-effect posts where space permits.

One exception over the speed limit is outside Wendron School, where the limit would be reduced to 20mph.

The original aim, before coronavirus, was for this work to be completed before March 31 next year, subject to funding.

The second phase is subject to funding, planning and land agreements, with designs in place by March 31, 2022 but work to be carried out in phase three, which is a longer term programme.

Phase two would include widening the road at Burras to prevent the pinch-point heading north and creating a layby in the verge there as a vehicle passing place.

Other additions would widening the existing footway at Penventon Terrace, Four Lanes.

Phase three, in the longer term, includes creating a shared-used path linking Helston and Wendron, identifying further pinch-points to widen and undertaking studies to reconnect the Helston rail branch line to the main network and for the growth of Falmouth University.

Mr Thomas said now was the time for people to make suggestions on the plans. He can be emailed via and will pass comments on to the team.