Cornish theatre company Kneehigh are to begin offering daily challenges and stories in a bid to keep families entertained while at home.

With physical rehearsals on pause for the moment, the team have turned their attention to their “Windows to the World” project.

This has been inspired by the creativity that people were showing in places like Italy and Spain, where music and comedy from windows and balconies has been connecting people and spreading joy.

Director and actor Kyla Goodey set the first Creative Challenge, inspired by her love of agricultural shows and the sadly cancelled Stithians Show in particular, where there are often classes for characters made out of vegetables.

Kyla, from 'isolation' at her Penryn home, kicked off by turning a butternut squash into “Lady Miss Juwa Juwa” and sending her with her friends for a picnic at Carn Brea.

Others people have followed suit, with a selection on Kneehigh’s Twitter feed.

Charlotte Bond, Kneehigh’s director of coastal communities, said: “These are unprecedented times and as a cultural organisation we have a remit to respond to what’s happening in the world.

“People may feel stuck at home but we don’t want them to be sad or bored, lonely or anxious. It’s a unique time but we can still be creative, or funny or silly – all together.”

Each weekday morning over the next few weeks Kneehigh will be setting a different creative challenge.

From puppet-making to poetry, one of the talented team will take to the Kneehigh YouTube channel at 9am to demonstrate a creative skill and set a challenge. All results can be shared with #KneehighWindows and the team will share their favourites.

Kneehigh also have a collection of stories from Kneehigh writer Anna Murphy that you can watch and listen to on YouTube and on their free story app.

The Walk With Me tales are compiled from a decade of Anna’s walks along the roads less travelled, collecting and wildly exaggerating the stories she finds along the way about the history of cliffs, beaches and towns in Cornwall.

Search 'Kneehigh Walk With Me' in the app store and listen to all the stories in armchair mode, or go to Kneehigh’s YouTube channel @WeAreKneehigh to watch the moving postcards.

“No-one knows how long the coronavirus restrictions will last, but this feels like a good way that we can respond," added Charlotte. “Stay tuned, stay safe and keep your curtains open.”