A community response team offering support in Helston during the coronavirus pandemic has already support hundreds of people in its first week.

It is now reminding people of the number to call if they are in need of help and have nowhere else to turn to.

Due to its limited capacity the Helston Community Response Team is encouraging people to seek help from friends, family, neighbours, social media groups and support recently announced by central government first, but if struggling to call 01326 565761.

The volunteer team is currently available to take calls every day, including weekends, from 9am to 5pm. These times may alter as the crisis develops and volunteer numbers change.

In their first week of operation, hundreds of conversations have been had with volunteers and those looking for help. Many of the cases are resolved within a few hours of the request being received.

Tasks include shopping for those unable to leave their home, delivery of prescriptions, providing reassurance and satisfying urgent transport needs.

Team member and former town councillor Dave Potter said: “We aim to deal with the mundane to prevent the urgent.”

The response team currently has about 290 volunteers and is working towards 400. To join the team complete the online registration form on the front page of the Helston Town Council website.

Helston mayor John Martin said: “The overwhelming emotions from everyone involved have been those of immense positivity, satisfaction and gratitude, whether that be from volunteers or those receiving assistance.”