THE Last Chance Hotel animal rescue and rehoming charity near Chacewater has released an urgent appeal for support.

The charity takes on animals from other rescue centres, farms, education centres and private homes that would otherwise be put to sleep. Alongside rehoming, the charity care for animals on a 25-acre farm sanctuary.

After previously releasing a call-out offering to deliver pet supplies to those 'at risk' and self isolating due to the Covid 19 crisis, founder and manager Sam has now issued an urgent appeal for support on Facebook.

Sam was recently diagnosed with bowel and liver cancer and is therefore now needing to stay in strict isolation.

She said: "Today I had to break 'lockdown' and go to hospital as things are breaking down in my body and the pain is becoming intolerable at times.

"With regards to the primary cancer in my bowel, they want to remove it and I will have a stoma permanently. But at the moment with Covid 19 it is too dangerous, so the next option was to leave it and have a stoma to bypass the tumours. But that also is too dangerous.

"We are going to try and 'manage' the symptoms until the worst is over and start chemo asap. The metastatic cancers on my liver etc is a very different matter, and much more difficult to sort.

"In the meantime we are still two wages short, and all our dog shows and fundraisers have been cancelled to protect everyone. So funds are at an all time low, rescue on the other hand is at an all time high.

"Again we are appealing for help, at the worst time possible for people. Last Chance Hotel cannot close down, too many animals need us more than ever now."

If you are able to help, visit the charity's webpage

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