JP's warning to shop thieves

A FLUSHING magistrate is so angry that her shop has been broken into she has threatened to close down if it happens again. And she has promised to "make life hell" for whoever is responsible.

Sarah Curnow, who runs Flushing General Stores, has put up a notice in her shop window warning "the bastards that broke into this shop for the second time".

It adds: "I know you live in the village. I know you come into the shop. I know when I find out who you are I'll make life hell for you."

The break-in occurred on Friday night. Cash from the till was stolen along with more than £200-worth of cigarettes and £50 for the Mermaid Appeal, which is a breast cancer screening charity. The thieves entered from the rear of the premises.

The last time the shop was broken into was two years ago. "I think it's the same people. If it happens again we are going to close and there will be no shop in Flushing and it will be their fault," Mrs Curnow told the Packet.

"I cannot afford to keep losing. It has cost £1,000 with the two of them and the raffle money went last time as well."

'Wed me' shock for millionaire Mike

THE boss of an electronics firm in Penryn, millionaire Mike Sagin, had a shock if he watched the late Westcountry TV news on Tuesday evening.

His girlfriend, newscaster Linda Ward, proposed to him. Divorcee Mike owns the Alverton Manor Hotel, Truro, and recently bought the £1.5 million Trevarno Estate, near Helston.

Linda surprised the audience in her "And finally" spot. On a personal note she said she would like to ask Mike to marry her. "I want to share our life," she said and promised to tell viewers last night his answer.

The couple have not been going out with each other for long. they met during filming for a series Linda was making on marriage.

Critics line up against town multi-storey

NUMEROUS objections have been lodged with the district council regarding proposals to build a multi-storey car park at the rear of Falmouth's town centre.]G D Patterson Ltd has submitted an outline application to Carrick Council seeking permission to build a 487-space multi-storey car park on a split site taking in Well Lane car park and the former Grand Cinema site behind Market Street.

Area planning officer John Sloper says in his report to councillors: "A large number of letters of objection have been received from residents of the area about he construction of a large car park on this site.

"A viewing panel should visit the site before any commitment is given on the size and design of a multi-storey car park, even at this sketch stage."