A repeat warning to stay away from the coast has been issued after a man became cut off by the tide in Falmouth late yesterday evening.

Falmouth Coastguard Rescue Team and the town's inshore lifeboat both had to be scrambled just before 11pm, following a report of a person stuck on rocks at Pendennis Point.

It is understood he went out at low water before subsequently becoming stuck when the tide came in.

A coastguard spokesperson said: "On scene the inshore lifeboat was able to recover the person who’d become cut off by the tide.

"Obviously the advice is very much to stay in, stay safe and stay away from the coast, but if you do find yourself or spot someone in trouble, call 999 and ask for coastguard."

Falmouth RNLI has now also spoken about the callout, which followingn new procedures put in place due to Covid-19 saw all crew waiting outside of the lifeboat station upon arrival, distant from one another.

The duty helm entered the station to find out what they were being tasked to, and afterwards only the selected boat crew and shore crew entered the station.

The crew launched inshore lifeboat Robina Nixon Chard and made their way to the west side of Pendennis Point, where the man was found on a rock.

A spokesperson said: "As the tide came in, the rock became cut off from the shore.

"[The man was] recovered from the rock to the inshore lifeboat and then transferred into the care of the Falmouth Coastguard Rescue Team. 

"The lifeboat then returned to the station, was disinfected and made ready for service."

It was the second shout in two days for the volunteer coastguard team, who were called to another of Falmouth's beaches on Thursday.

They were scrambled just after 4.45pm to Castle Beach, where a man was having chest pains.

A crew from Bristol Ambulance Emergency Medical Service, which provides independent ambulances including to the NHS, was already on scene and the coastguard's coastal area commander was also called.

The Falmouth team members stood by, maintaining the required ‘social distance,’ in case a stretcher carry was required.

The man was then taken into the care of the ambulance crew.