What started as a way of bringing Penryn together has gone global with Cornishmen and women now preparing to unite around the world through song this Thursday evening.

Rachel Gerred-Hart and Shelley Peters are leading the Voices of the Borough event, which has grown to become Doorstep Voices after people from outside of Penryn showed interest in taking part.

It will involve people coming together immediately after Thursday evening's Clap For Our Carers at 8pm, to sing the much-loved song Cornwall My Home.

Written by Harry Glasson and famously performed by Will Keating - both of which are members of the event Facebook group - it is a song that encapsulates Cornish spirit and a feeling of togetherness, wherever you are in the world, through lines such as "For this is my Eden, and I’m not alone; For this is my Cornwall and this is my home. See the full lyrics below.

Rachel said: "You don't have to be together to stand together."

People from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai and Spain, as well as across Cornwall and other parts of the UK, have now said they will join in at the end of the clap.

Rachel, who works at the Royal Cornwall Hospital in the resourcing department, with additional roles in X-ray and healthcare, said it was "really humbling" to see the public support for those in the NHS.

"We're just normal people at the end of the day. We all feel like normal people; it's bizarre. It's very humbling. But it's great to see people pulling together," she said.

"But the song is not so much about the care worker side, but the whole community. Everyone that keeps the cogs running. Without the little cogs, the big cogs fail."

The idea first came from former Penryn mayor Shelley, following last week's clap in Penryn.

"I put up a status on our community Facebook page, Penryn Legends," she said. "I'd seen on social media about other communities doing singing and thought it would be nice if Penryn did something.

"We put up a poll as people were making different suggestions of songs and Cornwall My Home came top. It's an excellent choice!

"It just sums up Cornwall so well and all the things we have got to be proud of - our heritage and culture."

It is planned that a live stream of Will's performance will be played on the Doorstep Voices!! Facebook page so that people known when to start singing and can sing the lyrics at the same time. People can tune in from 8pm to hear the Clap for our Carers, immediately followed by the song.

Cornwall My Home - Will Keating

Lyrics: Cornwall My Home

I’ve stood on Cape Cornwall in the sun’s evening glow,

On Chywoone Hill at Newlyn to watch the fishing fleets go,

Watched the sheave wheels at Geevor as they spun around,

And heard the men singing as they go underground,

And no one will ever move me from this land,

Until the Lord calls me to sit at his hand,

For this is my Eden, and I’m not alone,

For this is my Cornwall and this is my home,

I’ve left childish footsteps in the soft Sennen sand,

I’ve chased the maids there, all giggly and tanned,

I’ve stood on the cliff top in a westerly blow,

And heard the wave thunder on the rocks far below,


First thing in the morning, on Chapel Carn Brea,

To gaze at the Scillies in the blue far away,

For this is my Cornwall, and I’ll tell you why,

Because I was born here and here I shall die.