In the first of a new series, we are featuring poems by Tom Retchford, poet-in-residence at Falmouth Art Gallery.

He has been writing a collection of poems that relate to the current events that we are experiencing because of coronavirus.

Tom explains: "It is called Coronology because it is a play on words in chronology order of the events that are happening to the country as the situation is unfolding.

"It relates to my personal experiences, things seen on the news and what I have seen when I am having a solitary walk."

The first poem, entitled Fear, was written on March 15 and is below.

There lies in the atmosphere a sense of panic

Everyone runs to the shops, manic

In light of the pandemic

Everyone for themselves

Only themselves

No toilet rolls on the supermarket shelves

Rush in with the trolleys and the bags

People coming out with shopping that makes their arms sag

There's not left a price tag

Hand soap, gel

Sales for shops going well

For the greater good? Time will tell

The death toll rises and cases by the day

Don't overthink, it's not that bad, we'll be okay

But people are scared, by the news reports each day


Show downs

We're all acting like clowns

In times like this, we finally see the true image of life

When something goes wrong, it causes immense strife

Stay at home, don't go out unless you have to, words that cut like a knife

Fear the worst

People we love to be lost

Who do we put first?

We are all waiting for the lockdown to commence

Everyone frigid, stressed and tense

Afraid of stocks running out, hence

The shop shelves, devoid of stock

In supermarkets, all the customers flock

And raid the delivery truck

Is this the start of something new in our everyday lives?

Realising we are no longer just busy bee bodies,buzzing around in our little hives?