The reason why so many extra helicopters have been seen flying above Falmouth has been explained after concerns were raised over it continuing late into the night.

RNAS Culdrose said the navy base was on "high readiness" to help in the fight against the Covid-19 virus with emergency hospital transfers and was also continuing essential training for national security tasks later in the year.

Helston’s 820 squadron, and in part 849 squadron, together with F35 jets, are also the only aircraft onboard HMS Queen Elizabeth.

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The explanation comes after a reader contacted the Packet to say about the number of low-flying helicopters over Falmouth bay, which could be out there until midnight.

She said: "For some time I have been concerned about the fact that RNAS Culdrose helicopters use the bay off Falmouth to practice low flying helicopter training for hours and hours at a time, often until midnight.

"This is now the third day and night they have been doing it. This is despite me complaining that the local populace are trapped in their own homes with no where to go to escape the noise, during the lockdown."

She added the she had made a complaint to the public protection unit at Cornwall Council and also messaged the government email set up for enquiries about low flying in England, Wales and Scotland.

The woman also said: "A few weeks ago I was horrified when I witnessed the helicopter practising landing at the oil terminal depot in Falmouth several times. How can this be safe?"

A spokesman for Royal Naval Air Station Culdrose said: “Squadrons at RNAS Culdrose have been continuing with essential training. This is to help stop an unacceptable impact to military operations and national security tasks later in the year.

“Merlin helicopters from 820 Naval Air Squadron remain on high readiness to help the Government’s fight against Covid-19, with assistance to the NHS for emergency hospital transfers.

“In preparation for this, the aircrews have been practising confined area landings at designated training sites including Falmouth Docks.

"The Royal Navy is committed to ensuring we are ready to meet any challenge as part of the government’s strategy to combat Covid-19.”

Back in June the Packet reported how Royal Navy helicopters would once again become a regular sight around the harbour at Falmouth, with the Culdrose aircraft reusing a landing pad which was once used for search and rescue operations.

The pad is a small concrete area within the docks run by A&P.

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