WENDRON Cricket and Football Club have set up a Crowdfunder appeal to help them during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The community club, which describes itself as one of the biggest, self-sustaining youth/adult/community set-ups in Cornwall, is home to three cricket teams, nine youth soccer teams, four men’s football teams, pool teams, darts teams and several village groups (euchre, bingo, pilates), and regularly hosts wedding reception facilities, mother/toddler groups, charity hosting events, live bands/comedy acts and community meal nights.

However, all of these income streams are currently on hold amid the UK's coronavirus lockdown and social distancing measures.

In addition, the early end to the 2019/20 football season saw the club's first team miss out on eight home games worth of income, while the 2020 cricket season has been delayed and may not begin altogether.

The club has therefore decided to set up a fundraising appeal via Crowdfunder, with a goal of raising £5,000 by midday on May 26.

The appeal has currently raised £2,015 from 36 donations, with the largest individual donation currently standing at £450.

In their fundraising plea, the club said: "The rural parish of Wendron is the largest in Cornwall and although there are few outlets for locals to participate in sport, or even to congregate at a central venue, the club had to diversify and embrace not only the sporting community but also the socio-economic side.

"For over 40 years the club has achieved unparalleled success despite difficult socio-economic obstacles – acquiring land and attracting volunteers to drive forward change and develop what is now a highly respected thriving sporting and community atmosphere within the local area.

"All this is delivered at great cost to the club. To fund these high level and regular activities a huge social calendar is managed by its management who work hard to maintain, develop and move the club forward by operating on a sound financial platform. For this to happen money has to come into the club.

"At present the club’s primary source of income is bar/kitchen sales and large annual community events, thus no sport/community events = no income = a struggling club!

"Therefore any donations you can give will help us get our amazing community club through this crisis."

View Wendron's Crowdfunder appeal at www.crowdfunder.co.uk/wendron-cricket-football-club-funding

The club are offering rewards for certain donations, with a £25 donation earning you a Wendron hat, clock or mug together with a car sticker.

A £50 donation would get you a hat, clock or mug with a car sticker or lifetime membership, and a £100 donation would get you a hat, clock or mug with both a car sticker and lifetime membership.

Ten of each reward are being offered, with five of the £25 rewards being claimed already.