The fourth in a new series of interviews with our local football managers about their highs, lows and hopes for their club.

Next up is Porthleven co-manager Graham Blake.

What has been your favourite game/moment so far?

That’s a tough one, actually. I think the start of the season was a good part for us. Coming from Helston into Porthleven was a real tough thing to do, whether you’re going to be liked and all that kind of stuff, whether you’re going to fit in, and I think when we went down there obviously players had come to us and we had a really good start to the season.

So, the best moment was to feel welcome at the club and also to go on a good run to put us in the position we’re in today.

Worst moment?

This, to be honest! The frustration of not being able to play football on a Saturday afternoon.

The most disappointing game is probably Saltash in the FA Vase [lost 2-1]. I felt we took them to the wire and obviously they scored late on. That was a bit frustrating for me because I felt we should have got something out of that game.

Most bizarre moment?

I’ve had a few of them! Being sent off when I shouldn’t have been, maybe?!

I’d never seen two players ten yards offside in all my life and he [assistant referee] didn’t give an offside and I moaned a little bit about it and got sent off because of it.

Every single person in the ground could see they were offside apart from the linesman.

Biggest achievement so far?

Being in eighth position, being established in our first season. I said before that we’re the best of the rest almost and I think that’s our biggest achievement.

I think I could safely say for my first season I’ve done all right. We’re not in the relegation spots, we can sit where we are and finish mid-table.

I’m happy with the progress that I’ve made and the support I’ve had from the players that I’ve brought in.

Hopes for the future?

To get better. If we finish eighth or ninth in the first season then it’s to finish fifth maybe [the following season] and then challenge to win the league. It’s going to take time, but it’s to do better than I’m doing now, really.

What makes the club special to you?

I love the village side of it, if that makes sense. It’s very much community based, it’s got a good community of people like the old boys, they make you feel friendly. I think there’s a big feel around the whole village of being the Fishermen, if you like.

Being nicknamed the Fishermen and that community base of a club, for me, that’s what I like more than anything.