Tom Retchford, poet-in-residence at Falmouth Art Gallery, has been writing a collection of poems since mid-March that relate to the current events that we are experiencing because of coronavirus.

It is called Coronology, a play on words of 'chronology', as the poems are in order of the events that have been happening.

Tom explains: "This collection I have written is a way of helping people understand the impact that this disease has had on all of us.

"Because there is no doubt whatsoever this virus has affected every single person in the United Kingdom, amongst so many others around the globe.

"This is not centred to one person such as the reader, but to everyone and everything that is going on. I write for the art gallery and write poems every day about so much stuff.

"My dream is to be a published poet and to get this collection made into a book for people to keep and look back on, allowing them to remember, when we are all through this.

"What it was like not just for them, but for all of us.

"I hope you enjoy them and please leave any comments on the website.

"I hope that all of you continue to stay safe and well, with best wishes."

The latest poem in the series, entitled Kindness, not Selfishness, is below.

Everyone snatches their stock off the shelves

Staff trying to fill it up as quick as they can, busy as Santa's elves

It's like a all you can eat, but instead all you can shop for yourselves

Grab it!

Nab it!

Must have it!

It makes me angry and gets on my wick

The greediness, not the neediness people care for and the sick

Anything replaced, it doesn't stick

Someone's left with nothing

While others have cupboards bulging

When they could've spared someone at least, something

Dawn the nurse completed a 48 hour shift, she goes shopping afterwards

Nothing is there for her the greedy people have stripped it forwards

She stands in the shop upset, in tears as others around her have trolley's full of stuff

in hoards

She gives out an emotional message, via media and radio

Trying to let the other uncaring selfish shoppers know

They should take into consideration, people like her before stripping the shelves low

Selfishness and greed is animalistic and revolting

In this hard time, while we should all be pulling together and trusting

Depriving vulnerable people is really the last thing

Strategies and procedures put in place

No more desperation for people to face

When left on the shelf is nothing, not a trace

An old man, being given a loaf of bread by a lady, who has three

There were no other left on the shelf you see

He got out his wallet to pay her for it, but she put her hand up and said:” this is on me”

A kind act such as that

Someone who isn't like a Siamese cat

If she had a kindness house, it would have a welcome mat

A shelf stacker sees a mother in tears

He asks what's wrong, she says she can't see any pasta here

He is in the middle of a task, he could get someone else but instead he says:”no fear”

He asks her to wait in the aisle

He goes and grabs one from the back store room pile

Hands it to her, she thanks him, she implores him for going the extra mile

We are all consumers, at the best of times

But it couldn't be worse, in this period we've surpassed our previous crimes

Leaving hardly anything in the shop for people who need it, flour to limes

Grab! Grab! Get!

On the stock they want, they've their minds set

Frustration and desperation, in anxious blood and sweat

We are all better than this, come on people let's share our care and love

Not just run to the shops, raid the shelves in crowds and push and shove