Two coronavirus test centres are on the move in Cornwall with health officials saying it is to help ensure as many people as possible can be tested.

The test centre which was in Truro has been shifted to Pool this week and the one in Bodmin is also moving elsewhere in north Cornwall.

Rachel Wigglesworth, director of public health in Cornwall, said the changes were being made to increase testing.

She said: “It is moving around the county to provide people with the opportunity to access it as close to home as they can.”

To access testing those who are eligible have to book appointments online.

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Testing is currently available for people showing symptoms who work in health or care settings as well as essential services such as shops and schools. It also includes those who cannot work from home but who show symptoms.

Ms Wigglesworth explained that anyone who shows symptoms should be self-isolating along with anyone else in their household.

Testing is also available for anyone aged over 65 who might have Covid-19 symptoms.

Ms Wigglesworth added: “It is not a case of turning up and getting a test, you have to book through the online portal. You then go to one of the centres for a test or get one sent to your home.”

She said that care home residents and staff were able to get tests and public health would be providing support to care homes to help them access testing.