Falmouth's inshore lifeboat was launched yesterday to carry out a rescue in Carrick Roads.

The volunteer crew were responding to a call from a single-handed yacht that had suffered engine failure, with the alarm raised just after 3.35pm.

Inshore lifeboat Robina Nixon Chard launched with Jamie Wakefield at the helm and a crew of Tom Bird, Tamara Brookes and Lloyd Barron.

The nine-metre yacht with one person aboard had engine difficulties around 200 metres off Penarrow Point, near Mylor Churchtown, and was drifting towards the shore.

An RNLI spokesperson said: "With limited wind to sail by and the vessel’s engines playing up, the inshore lifeboat escorted and then towed the vessel away from the rocks and towards Falmouth Marina.

"The tow was passed to the marina workboat once in the Penryn river, and the inshore lifeboat was released to return to the station where it was disinfected and made ready for service."