Patrols are to be carried out in Helston in a bid to catch people leaving their rubbish exposed, as the mayor declared it a potential "risk to life."

John Martin said that during the current coronavirus pandemic, leaving rubbish uncovered, to be ripped open by seagulls and other wildlife, provided a danger to both the public and those collecting it.

He has now vowed to patrol the town's streets next week, on Tuesday evening 'bin night' and on the collection day itself, in a bid to catch offenders.

Mr Martin told the Packet: "As mayor of this fine town, along with my fellow councillors and officers, I am becoming increasingly angry at the repeated bad management of household rubbish by some residents.

Falmouth Packet:

One of Helston Town Council's groundsmen picking up rubbish after bin day

"There are regular hotspots in the town where people are not covering their rubbish properly before it is collected.

"The majority of our residents have seagull proof bags, bins or wheelie bins. But some do nothing to cover their refuse."

He said this morning one of Helston Town Council's groundsmen had been forced to go out on the streets again to pick up household rubbish that had been strewn over the pavements at several places along the streets.

Describing it as a "risk of life", Mr Martin added: "This constitutes a danger to the public and to our operatives, particularly at this time when we need to be ultra careful of viral contamination.

"Please make it your duty to look after our streets and our residents."

And Mr Martin said it was not good enough to simply blame seagulls, adding: "They are only feeding as a basic instinct. We, as human beings, are meant to be more responsible for our actions."

Rubbish will be collected if placed in a metal or plastic dustbin, or a seagull proof bag, which are available for £3.50 from the town council. Although the Guildhall council office is currently closed to the public, the council can be contacted by emailing

As a last resort, rubbish can be wrapped tightly in an old sheet or curtain.