CORNWALL Council has announced that it will be providing emergency accommodation for people in need at sites in Truro and Penzance.

As part of the response to the Covid-19 pandemic, it has said it will be providing temporary self-contained homes on two council-owned sites.

The council said the portable accommodation is often used to house workers on large infrastructure projects, as well as staff at some of the UK’s largest public events – including the Glastonbury Festival.

Each home is self-contained, it said, which means that those living there can self-isolate and reduce the risk of contracting Covid-19.

Ten self-contained units, plus an additional facility for site support and management staff, will be provided at each of the sites.

The council said each unit provided high-quality emergency accommodation, with kitchenette, bed, living space and bathroom facilities.

It said: "They are specifically designed to provide all essential amenities so that residents can move in quickly during this time of essential social distancing and self-isolation. The units will be allocated to those in need of emergency temporary housing."

Cornwall Housing will be managing the two temporary accommodation sites, with a support team available during working hours as well as 24/7 on-site security.

Cornwall Council cabinet portfolio holder for homes, Andrew Mitchell, said: "This council will do all we possibly can to keep people safe during this incredibly difficult time.

“As well as continuing to work with local hotels and using our own housing stock, we have explored a number of Council owned sites which may be suitable for locating emergency temporary accommodation so that vulnerable people have somewhere safe to stay during this health crisis.

“My thanks go to those staff that have dropped everything to deliver this incredibly complex project in record time.

Nick Cross, Managing Director of Cornwall Housing, added: “This provision will help to keep a number of vulnerable people safe during this very difficult time and the contribution of residents in hosting this provision is appreciated.

“Our teams will be working closely with everyone housed here to support them throughout this current situation and beyond. Our engagement officers will be working with each person to offer guidance and support to live safely and independently when these temporary accommodation units are no longer available.

Residents will also be supported if they need assistance in accessing medication or food supplies, the council said.

Site preparation is continuing, with the first batch of portable homes and associated site infrastructure ready to be installed in the next few days. Residents are expected to move in in the next few weeks.

Once the emergency response to the Covid-19 pandemic has ended, the council said it would with occupants to identify suitable settled accommodation.