Look-out stations run by the National Coastwatch Institution (NCI) are re-opening.

Following the government's slight relaxation of coronavirus measures in England, the NCI is gradually restoring its 'eyes along the coast', helping people working or at leisure around the coastline to stay safe.

The first NCI Coastwatch station was created at Bass Point on The Lizard peninsula in 1994, following the deaths of two fishermen who drowned below the station, which had recently closed.

For the time being watches at the look-out stations will be on a single manned basis, maintaining social distancing and hygiene measures, using only watch-keepers who are keen and willing, and who are not in the extremely vulnerable group.

Although it will take a few days for some stations to get back on line it is hoped that all stations in England will be operational again by the end of the month.

Currently the look-out stations in Wales remain closed but it is intended that these will open when the Welsh Assembly restrictions are eased sufficiently.

Up-to-date information can be found at nci.org.uk