Twins with a love of sci-fi are looking for crowdfunding support to help them make candles for gamers.

Josh and Sam Gaunt had to close their geeky Truro shop Happy Piranha, when the lockdown began but it hasn't stopped their creativity.

They have developed a range of unique candles with scents that are designed to stimulate the imagination and add another level of experience to role-playing games such as Dungeons and Dragons.

However, when faced with the cost of creating the new product, the twins decided to seek funding via Kickstarter, a platform that allows creative people to connect with communities who can choose to help bring ideas to life by investing.

Josh said: "Launching new product comes at a cost: time and commitment is needed to craft the candles with the attention to detail they deserve and the necessary materials and scents need to be bulk purchased.

"This is the first time Happy Piranha has attempted to fund a project this way so it’s been quite a learning curve.

"Supporters can pledge as little as £1 or as much as £125 – and in exchange can receive rewards such as the candles themselves to signed prints of the artwork and even a year-long discount voucher for the online shop.

"However, Kickstarter works by ‘all or nothing’, so the project will only be funded if it reaches its goal by June 16."