Cornwall Council says that it is in talks with the RNLI about getting lifeguard cover on some of Cornwall’s beaches.

There have been concerns regarding the lack of lifeguard cover on beaches with a number of people taking advantage of the good weather.

However Cornwall Council said that the issue was not around funding from the council and said that it was a national decision by the RNLI to not provide cover.

Council leader Julian German said: “It is an issue that we are concerned about here in Cornwall but it is an issue across the country, the RNLI has many contracts.

“We are by no means unique in this situation. We are hopeful that we can, working with the RNLI, have some lifeguard cover on beaches in Cornwall in the not too distant future.”

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Cllr German added: “The RNLI decided not to bring forward cover for beaches, we are having discussions about what level of cover they can bring forward.

“It is not a case that the RNLI are not providing cover because we are not paying them. They are not providing cover because they made a decision not to provide cover.”

Cllr German said that ahead of the bank holiday weekend the council was reinforcing the message that people should take care if they visit the beach and go in the sea.

He said: “Follow safety advice, look out for one another and take extra care around the water.”

The council leader also said that he wanted people not to come to Cornwall for day trips over the bank holiday weekend.

He said: “If you are planning a day trip to Cornwall this weekend please think twice, cancel it and come back later.”

And he added: “For those who can enjoy the sunshine this weekend please do so responsibly.

“If you are concerned that others might not be don’t take matters into your own hands, call the police on 101.”