A FUNDRAISER with cerebral palsy who set out to raise £500 by walking 0.26 miles has now smashed through £15,000 and is "bringing the community together".

As reported by the Packet, Gabe Judge, 21, from Illogan, had planned to walk .26 miles down his road last weekend to raise cash for disability equality charity Scope.

Scope has had to close its 207 shops during lockdown and since then staff, friends and families have been finding ingenious ways to raise money.

Gabe’s mum is the shop manager for Scope in Camborne and Gabe is the mascot for all shops in the area.

News of Gabe's plans spread, with coverage on the BBC and Sky News and with it his donations page went through the roof.

Gabe drew so much strength from the support he'd had that he challenged himself to go further – a lot further.

He is now walking 2.6 miles on alternate days, having begun on Tuesday.

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Gabe's dad, Simon, said that Gabe’s physical strength in his legs had hugely improved through the training for the walk, which is why he felt he could do more.

He also said that his mental health had been greatly improved, and in turn that of his family.

Simon said: "Tuesday went amazingly well, with Gabe achieving his .26 route in record time. He turned round at the end and normally walks back about a third of the way before getting into his wheelchair.

“What’s amazing is that Gabe is bringing the community together.

"People are observing social distancing and waiting for Gabe on his route, with some people leaning out of upstairs windows, clapping and donating money.

"People now know who Gabe is and it feels he is making a massive difference to people’s mental health, let alone ours.

"A very emotional moment for us all was a young girl, probably about six years old, came forward and donated £2.50 which was her saved up pocket money.”

To donate visit www.justgiving.com/fundraising/gabe-judge26