Coastguards having a broken up a mass gathering of 25 people drinking and swimming at one of Cornwall's most notoriously dangerous beaches.

Whilst carrying a bank holiday patrol this evening, Mullion Coastguard Rescue Team was approached by a member of the public, who passed on concerns.

These included seeing people drinking alcohol and swimming on the Chyvarloe side of Loe Bar.

A number of people have died over the years after swimming at the beach, due to its strong currents and sloping banks of shingle producing a strong drag back towards the sea.

Only last week coastguards put out a warning against swimming there, after people were seen in the water, and there are signs telling people not to enter the sea.

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A Mullion Coastguard spokesperson said this evening: "Our coastguards identified two groups of people - approximately 25 people in one group and five in the other. "The crew gave safety advice about the treacherous sea conditions and the extreme dangers of swimming off the bar.

"The people were not entirely aware of the unique dangers the of the area, and received the safety advice with thanks.

"Thank you to the member of public for passing the information on to our patrol team."

The HM Coastguard Operations team has also passed details regarding the gatherings onto police.

If you see anyone in danger by the coast call 999 and ask for the coastguard.