Tom Retchford, poet-in-residence at Falmouth Art Gallery, has been writing a collection of poems since mid-March that relate to the current events that we are experiencing because of coronavirus.

It is called Coronology, a play on words of 'chronology', as the poems are in order of the events that have been happening.

Tom explains: "This collection I have written is a way of helping people understand the impact that this disease has had on all of us.

"Because there is no doubt whatsoever this virus has affected every single person in the United Kingdom, amongst so many others around the globe.

"This is not centred to one person such as the reader, but to everyone and everything that is going on. I write for the art gallery and write poems every day about so much stuff.

"My dream is to be a published poet and to get this collection made into a book for people to keep and look back on, allowing them to remember, when we are all through this.

"What it was like not just for them, but for all of us.

"I hope you enjoy them and please leave any comments on the website.

"I hope that all of you continue to stay safe and well, with best wishes."

The latest poem in the series, entitled The Future, is below.

When will the pandemic lessen and abate?

When will we get out of this state?

With the virus that we all hate

The end

When is it coming?

Will it ever be coming?

So many died from this cruel and ruthless disease

Many people's lives have come to cease

So many good people's lives at a premature release

It can't go on

It must be done

It continues to run

Oh it's pitiful and rotten

All adults and children

In a virus that by many is hidden



It's all rather hairy

Make this awful thing end

It's driving me round the bend

It's a situation no one can comprehend

Unlike anything before

That's for sure

It's rotten to the core

Lock-down and self-isolation

It's the only the plausible solution

I agree in all consideration

But it doesn't mean

I have to like it

So don't strike it

I wish for this terrible illness to fade and disintegrate

So there will be some normality but hopefully it won't be too late