FALMOUTH'S Market on The Moor will open on Saturday, June 6, it has been announced.

With lockdown restrictions being slightly eased, it has been decided that the market can function safely – and businesses who are not able to trade currently are being invited to set up shop free of charge.

It will be available to existing Falmouth businesses on a first come, first served, basis and can also be used as a drop-off or collection point if needed.

The market's layout will be altered to ensure social distancing is adhered to.

Traders will also need to follow guidance, including queue management, stall layout to enable customers to adhere to social distancing, any cash taken must be cleaned properly, PPE must be worn and there should also be sanitiser or wipes available for staff and public.

Traders must also increase cleaning of stock and their area and contactless payment is encouraged.

Richard Gates, Falmouth town manager, said: “We understand this may not be suitable to everyone trading outside, but with the weather being mild and restrictions still in place we are looking at all possibilities to get the town up and running again."

Emma Webster, events and marketing co-ordinator for the Falmouth Town Team, added: "Falmouth Town Council and Falmouth BID have also been working to assist with the reopening of businesses and have also created a business toolkit outlining opening procedures, health and safety, marketing tips, useful links, and posters for business use.

"You will find this on the falmouth.co.uk website."

To book a pitch, or if you are a business wanting to trade outside on The Moor, get in touch with emma@falmouth.co.uk

The Town Team's toolkit for businesses can be downloaded at www.falmouth.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/Falmouths-Business-Toolkit.pdf