A climber had to be airlifted from a "very precarious and dangerous position" just along the coast from Porthleven this afternoon after he was found clinging on to a ledge by his fingertips. 

The rescue involved Porthleven Coastguard Rescue Team, the coastguard helicopter and Penlee Inshore Lifeboat, following a call at 2.40pm.

The climber found themselves in difficulty near Rinsey Head.

Porthleven Coastguard said: "Once on scene the casualty was very quickly located hanging by his fingertips.

"Along with Penzance Coastguard Rescue Team we got kitted up and took all cliff rescue kit across rough terrain to enable us to set up in readiness.

"We requested the attendance of our rescue helicopter who was very quickly in scene and extracted the casualty to a safe place.

"Penlee Lifeboat were also of great help in getting someone to the bottom of the cliff to reassure them.

"Great teamwork to all involved."

The Penlee Lifeboat crew, with James Roberts at the helm and crew members Amy Smith, Dan Sell and Stuart Farrell onboard, arrived 15 minutes after launching.

A spokesperson said: "The crew immediately located the casualty who was hanging from a high ledge in a very precarious and dangerous position about a quarter of a mile west of Rinsey Head.

"Crew member Amy Smith went ashore in order to communicate with, and reassure the casualty.

"The inshore lifeboat remained close by, as there were fears that the climber could be dislodged by the down draft of the helicopter onto the rocks below."

The helicopter then picked up the climber from the cliff.

The spokesperson added: "Rescue 924 did a smart job with some fantastic flying skills, winching the climber to the safety of the helicopter.

"The casualty was flown to a nearby field where he was met by the Porthleven Coastguard Team."

The helicopter was then redirected to another incident.

"Yet again this shout demonstrates the excellent team work and professionalism of all those involved in this difficult rescue," added the spokesperson.

It was the second shout of the day for the lifeboat, after two people got into difficulties in an inflatable dinghy near Praa Sands beach.

As the crew arrived the two adults had reached some rocks to the north of Praa Sands beach but in trying to get ashore their inflatable had punctured. A Penlee spokesperson said: "Thankfully they both managed to scramble to safety and on to the rocks. At this point they were assisted by an ‘off duty’ volunteer lifeguard."

All three were then taken safely onboard the lifeboat and transferred back to Praa Sands Beach.