An abandoned barbecue led to fire spreading through an area of a Falmouth park yesterday.

The blaze began in Trescobeas Park after a barbecue was not put out properly and then left.

Had it not been for dog walkers spotting the start of the fire and calling 999, the fire is likely to have spread further, said Falmouth Fire Station.

A station spokesperson said: "There is a very high risk of wild fires in Cornwall with this heat wave.

"Please protect your environment by correctly extinguishing your barbecues with copious amounts of water."

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Cornwall Fire and Rescue is currently putting out daily warnings about the dangers of barbecues in the open at the moment, as well as lighting bonfires.

Only this morning it said: "The risk of starting a fire is extremely high right now during this prolonged dry spell.

"'Think Twice' about lighting up barbecues in public places. We need to do all we can to protect our countryside and firefighters.

"Remember, barbecuing on heathland is illegal."

And the national wildlife lead for the National Fire Chiefs Council was on BBC Breakfast this morning speaking about the dangers of barbecues and campfires, following a spate of wildfires across the country.

He urged people to be responsible at a time when fire and rescue services were under added pressure due to additional Covid-19 activities.