A fisherman from Porthleven had to glance twice when he looked into the sea and spotted one of the most unusual sights of his career - a baby deer being followed by a large seal.

Fishing the creature from the water, it proved to be one of Jeremy Richards's strangest catches of the day.

Jeremy, a member of Porthleven Fishermen and Boat Owners' Association, had been sailing around the coast from Gunwalloe when he made the discovery.

The roe deer was way out to sea, having most fallen over the edge of a cliff.

Falmouth Packet:

The deer is taken to safety in the boat. Photo: Jeremy Richards 

Describing it as "an unusual afternoon", Jeremy wrote about the discovery on Facebook saying: "Little thing is tired but otherwise in good health I think.

"A big seal was following it in the water."

He went on to tell the Packet: "I'm guessing it fell off the cliff at Pegnwinian Head, Gunwalloe.

"It's a sheer cliff for it to get back up."

Falmouth Packet:

The deer out at sea. Photo: Jeremy Richards 

Unable to release the creature back onto the beach, as there were too many people, Jeremy took it back in his boat to Porthleven and called the RSPCA.

He and friend Ben Warden then kept it covered with a blanket, to help it remain calm, while they waited several hours for an officer to arrive and take it away.

This itself proved to no mean feat, as they attempted to get the deer out of the boat, across the harbour and up the slipway to the waiting van.