A FUNDRAISER from Illogan who has cerebral palsy has completed his extended challenge, raising £18,000 in the process.

As reported by the Packet over the past few weeks, Gabe Judge, 21, had planned to walk .26 miles down his road to raise cash for disability equality charity Scope.

Scope had to close its 207 shops during lockdown and since then staff, friends and families have been finding ingenious ways to raise money.

Gabe’s mum Debs is the shop manager for Scope in Camborne and Gabe is the mascot for all shops in the area.

Gabe, who also has autism and is blind, drew so much strength from the support he'd had that he challenged himself to go further – a lot further.

He went on to walk 2.6 miles on alternate days, finishing on Monday.

Dad Simon said that Gabe had brought the community together with what he had done.

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He said last week that people had been observing social distancing and waiting for Gabe on his route, with some people leaning out of upstairs windows, clapping and donating money.

He added: "People now know who Gabe is and it feels he is making a massive difference to people’s mental health, let alone ours."

Neighbours in the fire service and old Royal Navy friends of Gabe's mum and dad, who are both veterans, at RNAS Culdrose have been giving their support on Twitter and on a previous walk a young girl gave Gabe her £2.50 pocket money she had been saving.

On Gabe’s final walk one of Cornwall’s rugby heroes, Cornish Pirate Tom Duncan, joined Gabe and the community to cheer him on.

Tom said: "I had heard about Gabe’s story on social media and radio and thought what an incredible story and feat for Gabe to do. I and really wanted to get on board and had the opportunity to come down and meet Gabe and his parents.

“I’m really pleased I did. There are so many things going on in lockdown, but this is right up there.

“Gabe is inspirational. I know that's easy to say, but for Gabe, it is so hard for him to get up and do this over the 10 days. He did it and he’s pretty quick. Speaking to his dad, Gabe’s getting stronger and really enjoying it and bringing the community together. I’m so happy to be part of it.”

Gabe’s Just Giving page is open until further notice.

Find it at www.justgiving.com/fundraising/gabe-judge26