Smoke could be seen across the valley in Helston this afternoon after a fire broke out in a field next to The Moors.

It is thought the blaze may have been started deliberately, after a group of six or seven people were seen leaving the area and overheard talking about a fire.

Farmer Malcolm Lane, who rents the land, which has a footpath across it from the The Moors, in the Cober Valley, told the Packet that about an acre of land burned before it could be put out.

Falmouth Packet:

The ground is sprayed with water to prevent it from catching again. Photo: Jake Awenek Photography

It largely involved dry grass that he had cut for hay and fortunately did not spread to neighbouring fields.

He and one of his sons were able to put out the flames by raking the grass and stamping out the flames, before a crew from Helston Fire Station arrived to damp down the land using water pumped from the river, to prevent it from catching again.

Mr Lane said: "Someone had obviously been in the field as previously there had been a rugby ball left, which I kicked under a tree yesterday. But when we went back today it was across the hedge.

Falmouth Packet:

The fire broke out in a field next to The Moors in Helston. Photo: Jake Awenek Photography

"It must have been deliberate, I can't see any other way. If they were there and got a fire going they could have put it out themselves.

"It is a bit irresponsible. But no major damage done."

Mr Lane has since bailed up the rest of the hay, to prevent any more incidents.

Falmouth Packet:

Photo: Mansell Lane

Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service has been putting out daily warnings about the dangers of lighting fires during the current spell of heat, as they can be quick to spread through dry undergrowth and land.