A new Cornwall-based collaborative duo, entitled ISYLA, is releasing their first album which was recorded and produced during lockdown.

Amy Woodburn and Lizzie Freeborn met after an Extinction Rebellion event in Falmouth and the new album, 'Where She Walks', is an homage to a brighter future for generations to come.

Amy said: “There is no doubt in my mind that the perfect time to release this album is now, not only because every day counts, but also because we have just been shaken out of our ‘normal’ and forced to think about the need to change our behaviour as a collective.

Falmouth Packet:

"There’s much that Covid-19 can teach us about dealing with the climate crisis, not least that it has become apparent that we can all change our behaviour, for the good of others, from the top down, when we understand we have to.

“When we come out of lockdown I really hope we can see more clearly the link between the way we live our lives and its environmental impact."

‘Where She Walks’ takes its audience on a journey through different musical genres and styles. Its sound ranges from the delicate contemporary folk and electro of The Staves and London Grammar to the anthemic heights reminiscent of the glorious Chvrches.

After a darker, rather more Billie Eilish-esque tone is struck towards the conclusion, with the defiance of ‘Children of the Revolution’ and ‘2050’, it ends rather like it began, backs in its folk roots.

Falmouth Packet:

Lizzie said: “Amy’s writing and compositions are so beautiful and hold so much depth.

"I cried when I first heard ‘Home’ and ‘January Rain’ as it was just so powerful to hear the truthful lyrics come to life, and so much of the content is so relevant to the here and now that we are all experiencing, no matter what age or life stage we are at.

"I think everyone can see that lockdown has brought a sense of relief to the earth and this is something that must continue.

"In our modern age it’s inevitable that many of our lives become fast paced and so orientated around work that we lose sight of what’s really keeping us all alive.”

41-year-old Amy is a speech therapist by day with two young children and 19-year-old Lizzie is a full-time college student and part-time make-up artist considering her next steps in life.

Falmouth Packet:

The album has been worked on and completed during the pandemic-lockdown, which means the extended ISYLA team haven’t been short on obstacles along the way.

From lockdown onwards, all session players and vocalists had to work remotely.

Whenever Lizzie and Amy had to be physically present, in photo shoots and studio sessions at Cornwall’s ‘Cube Recording Studio’, they had to be socially distanced as per the government’s guidelines, or worked solo, whilst in constant contact via technology.

‘Where She Walks’ by ISYLA is available for streaming on all major platforms from Friday, June 5.