A Cornish composer is releasing a song inspired by standing stones - and naturally, it's a rock song.

Seamas Carey, composer, performer, choir leader, piano tuner and standing stone enthusiast had all his gigs cancelled this summer.

However, combining his talents, he realised that standing stones were shining examples of social distancing and should therefore be celebrated.

'I Wish I Was A Standing Stone' is the brand new catchy and hilarious single, to be released on Saturday, June 20 on Spotify and iTunes to celebrate the summer solstice.

Seamas said: "I wanted to make a music video which celebrated the quiet, epic, reliable and often spiritual places in Cornwall. Most of us drive past these sites every day, forgetting their mind-blowing significance!

"It's good to stop once in a while and appreciate the rocks.

"The best way I could do this, was to dress up in a daft costume and prance about like an idiot.

"People found it funny, so I made a whole song. Naturally, it's a rock song."

For the video he fashioned a home made stone costume and filmed himself standing next to his favourite megalithic mates.

The videos have gathered great momentum on Seamas' Instagram page, and the full music video will be available on YouTube.