PORTHLEVEN manager Graham Blake believes it was a “no-brainer” to choose Hugh Howlett as the club’s new first-team captain.

The club announced on Sunday that the centre-back would be replacing Chris Wormington as captain following the defender’s departure.

Last season’s top scorer Charlie Young, who netted 12 times in all competitions, has been named as Howlett’s vice-captain.

The two players made the move to Gala Parc from local rivals Helston Athletic last season, with Young joining in August before Howlett arrived in November.

Howlett, who scored once for both Helston and Porthleven last season, was captain of the Blues’ first team a few years ago before being stripped of the role, but Blake was delighted to install the experienced defender as his new skipper.

“He was a no-brainer for me,” Blake said. “He was obviously captain at Helston, and they took that away from him for whatever reason but he’s a born leader. With his character and everything he brings to the game it was a no-brainer for us to have him as captain."

He added: “Hughie is liked by everyone and respected by everyone as well, which is the main thing being a captain, you’ve got to have respect and I think he’s got that in abundance.

“It’s the same with Charlie, they’ll both work together and if Hughie’s not there for whatever reason then Charlie’s a great fit to come in.”

Head coach Jamie Thomson said: “Hughie was always someone that we wanted to make a captain but last season wasn’t the right time with him coming into the squad and Wormy [Wormington] being there, but things just fell into place nicely this season for us to be able to make that without upsetting anybody.”

He added: “[Charlie’s] been great for us off the pitch as well as on it in terms of some of the work he’s been doing in terms of talking to the players.

“He’s doing exactly what you’d write the job description of a vice-captain to be, he’s just doing loads of off the field stuff, speaking to players on our behalf, keeping the morale high and also coming back to us with suggestions and ideas of how we can further our plans.”