Listeners to the south west's Goldmine radio station have been nominating 'Unsung Heroes' that have helped them during the Covid-19 lockdown period.

The station are looking to recognise people that have been on the front line, not only NHS workers but drivers, delivery people, postal workers or neighbours who've been helping out with shopping while someone has been self-isolating.

Linda Dean, a shop assistant at Berryman's Bakery in Camborne, received a nomination for keeping the shop open during the pandemic.

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Nominators Linda, Keith and Debbie Le Sueur, also from Camborne, said: “She has kept the shop open throughout the pandemic, even though her employers gave her the choice to close the shop.

"It has meant many people, including us, have been able to buy fresh products.

"We have relied on the shop for our fresh bread, and many Camborne residents have relied on the shop for their hot pasties."

Linda was presented with a bouquet of roses from the George Mannell collection at St. Agnes, who've been cultivating roses for over 25 years.

Duncan Warren, the presenter of Goldmine's Breakfast Programme, made the presentation, with Keith and Debbie Le Sueur in attendance at Berryman's Camborne shop.

The station is still looking for nominations. Get in touch at: