CORNISH Pirates owner Dicky Evans says he hopes the Stadium of Cornwall land transfer to be completed in three weeks' time.

In an update on the stadium project's progress, Evans has presented his thoughts on the current state of play with regards to the land transfer, acknowledging the supporters' wish for more information.

Evans explained the reason for the previous deadline for the transfer being missed was due to "a number of new legal agreements" that have arisen from the latest agreement between property developers Inox and Cornwall Council.

These new agreements relate to how the infrastructure for the stadium is tied into the services/connections Cornwall Council is putting in place for their new housing development nearby.

But Evans has said that most of this has now been agreed.

In a statement, he said: "I am pleased to confirm that we have most of the legals agreed and we are very keen to get this signed off once and for all. However, the agreement on infrastructure is taxing our legal beagles and we are in contact daily trying to sort things out.

"The previous deadline of a month ago was based on the previous infrastructure plans but, as I say, things have changed.

"My team is working like stink on this project and I have made myself very unpopular with our lawyers in particular by pushing them too hard in some cases but – nothing has changed – we will get there.

"We have our sights on the next three weeks to complete if we can."