Following a stunning sunny day at the beach yesterday (Tuesday, June 23), Maenporth's Life's a Beach cafe staff were saddened to find this mess left by the bin.

The bags of rubbish and scattered alcohol bottles were left right next to a sign saying: 'Please be respectful, take all your litter home with you when you leave. Do not leave litter on the beach or car park.'

Falmouth Packet:

Cafe staff posted the video on Facebook, with the comment: 'Sad end to a beautiful sunny day at the beach. We don’t even sell alcohol!!!'

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James Wright, cafe owner, told the Packet: "Myself and my mum came down in the evening and found the rubbish.

"It's our usual summer problem.

"The bin in the video is a barbecue bin, the other bins we have are only for cafe use.

"If people can bring it down they can definitely take it home. I think they don't realise or just don't want to take it home. They think it's easier to leave it here and we'll get rid of it.

"The glass could smash and it could damage a car or a child could step on a bottle and really damage their feet. It's a health hazard and could be dangerous."