Pool Academy’s Head Boy and Senior Prefect have been working hard to organise a virtual school talent show which they hope will be broadcast to students online.

Wilson, Year 10, and Bethan have been organising the event with a specially-designed website for students to upload videos of their talents for the show.

Wilson wants people from all year groups to take part so if they can sing, dance, perform a hilarious stand-up routine, play the national anthem on the spoons or something else just as spectacular, he would love them to enter.

The website was officially launched on Friday for people to upload their videos and they have until Friday, June 26, to enter.

After Friday all the applicants will be looked at and the best ten will be broadcast online.

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Falmouth Packet:

Wilson, Head Boy

Wilson said: “We are very excited to launch Pool’s Got Talent and are looking forward to seeing everyone show off their surprising and incredible talents.

“A huge thank you to all the teachers who helped me and Bethan organise Pool’s Got Talent.

“Good Luck to all the students who apply.”

Mrs Cromey, head of expressive arts at Pool Academy, said: “Our Talent Show is always a popular event, with students always keen to share their abilities and compete.

“The event always has such a positive supportive atmosphere so we were sad to miss out on it this year.

“Our new Senior Prefect team have come up trumps with an excellent alternative and I am really excited to see what talents they unearth this year.”