Penzance is to see an unusual gameshow in the streets this morning (Thursday, June 25).

Extinction Rebellion (XR) will create 'The Climate Catastrophe Gameshow' in which rebels will enact a Generation Game/Countdown gameshow apocalypse mash-up in the streets of Penzance.

The first starts at 11am at Causeway Head, the second at 11.20am at Lloyds Bank and the last at 11.30am at the Humphry Davy statue on Market Jew Street.

Passers-by will be invited to engage with these satirical and colourful gameshows.

Niki de Palma said: “Today our government will be getting scores from its own Climate Committee and they will be a big fat zero.

"This gameshow might look fun but it is deadly serious.

"If we don’t make systemic changes right now we face societal collapse in the near future.

"This horrific Covid-19 crisis will seem like a walk in the park in comparison to what is heading our way.

"Derek Thomas needs to speak up rather than being complicit in this deadly government inaction."

Madam Chaos, the gameshow host, will put Derek Thomas MP and the government’s record to task and scores will be given for its action in addressing the climate emergency.

The rebels, mindful of social-distancing measures, will wear pink masks, hold pink scorecards and be accompanied by the popular XR samba band.

The gameshow is timed to coincide with the publication of the Committee on Climate Change’s annual progress report to Parliament which will show progress in tackling the Climate Emergency.

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Extinction Rebellion is urging the government to listen to the latest scientific findings which demonstrate that carbon emissions need to be reduced to zero much faster than the 2050 target to avoid dangerous global temperature rises.

A letter will be delivered to Derek Thomas MP to urge him to publicly speak out on the government’s action on the climate and ecological emergency.