TO celebrate National Cream Tea Day today (Friday), a Cornish web developer has launched an app where people can check if their efforts are a proper job.

Scone lovers can simply upload a photo of their cream tea and the app will immediately spot if it is 'ansum ur no, with the jam and the cream the right way round.

Barney Nicholls, who created the app, said: “I created this artificial intelligence using machine learning and training a neural network to recognise the difference between Cornish and Devon cream teas. Why, you ask? Well, why not!

“It's a bit of fun and may help people enjoy their cream tea the proper way. I hope that people enjoy it – and enjoy their cream tea even more.”

Barney works at Headforwards, one of the leading outsourced software development companies in the UK, which is based in Pool.

Find the app at