FALMOUTH Town manager Andrew Westgarth says that there is “light at the end of the tunnel” following the FA’s indication that non-league football could resume in September.

A meeting between the FA and leagues at steps five and six of the non-league pyramid on Friday saw the governing body suggest four potential scenarios for the start of the 2020/21 season – an August start as normal, a September/October start, a November-January start, or a post-January start.

According to South West Peninsula League secretary Phil Hiscox, who attended the video meeting, the FA indicated that the second option of a September or October start is the most likely at this stage.

The 2019/20 SWPL season was suspended on March 13 before later being declared null and void on March 26, with the 2020/21 season to resume with the same divisional constitutions as last season.

“There’s no point rushing the situation because it is what it is,” Westgarth said, “but it is nice to have a rough outline of September at the earliest.

“It’s quite nice to get a bit of light at the end of the tunnel. It just stops everybody speculating and twitching, so at least we’ve got a rough guide to go with, but I’m quite relaxed about the situation.”

While several clubs have used the latest relaxation of social distancing rules to resume training in groups of six, Westgarth, who added that his side would look to get back to training in July, insists that it is too early to be training anyway.

“I think everybody is making more of it than what it is, he said. “In my opinion there’s no point training too early when one, the Government won’t even let you, and two, it’s too early anyway, really.

“I think because it’s just been such a long layoff everybody is itching to get back into it.”

One possible condition of clubs being allowed to resume in September is attendances being capped to comply with social distancing, with the FA suggesting a 30 per cent cap in Friday’s meeting.

A 30 per cent cap on a maximum attendance, which according to ground grading regulations would be 1,500 at local level, would see 450 fans being permitted to enter.

While this would not affect most matches, with no SWPL games exceeding this number last season, Town’s cup games against Helston Athletic (twice), Longlevens and St Blazey all surpassed 450 spectators.

But the FA’s insistence that matches would not take place until spectators could attend was music to the ears of Westgarth and Town, whose F-Troop supporters attended Bickland Park in strong numbers last season.

“I’m sure Bickland’s big enough to spread it all out,” said Westgarth. “I think getting people in the ground is a must really. I don’t think we could survive without getting people in the grounds, so I think that’s a bonus in itself.

“The thing is the scenario changes from week to week. At the minute they’re saying it could be 30 per cent, but by the time the season comes it could be absolutely fine, or it could be 50 per cent or 60 per cent.

“That’s why I’m quite relaxed on all of it because it’s changing day to day and it’s all positive news every week.”