A cheeky monkey from Newquay Zoo made a last minute bid for freedom yesterday - just a day before the zoo reopened to the public following a three-month closure.

The marmoset escaped its enclosure and found itself in Newquay's Towan Blystra Road.

Not content with that being enough drama for one day, however, it found itself watching firefighters from Newquay Fire Station tackle a kitchen fire in that very same road.

With that dealt with, the crew turn their attention to the little runaway - which tried to continue its adventure by taking flight.

It was outsmarted by its keeper, whoever, who managed to capture the creature in a net and return it to the zoo ready for the first visitors this morning.

A spokesperson for Newquay Fire Station said: "It’d escaped from Newquay Zoo to watch us tackle a kitchen fire. Without warning the naughty monkey took flight, but [was] caught perfectly in a net by the zoo’s keeper."

Falmouth Packet:

The marmoset safely caught by its keeper. Photo: Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service

Newquay Zoo reopened today for its annual pass holders, who will also be able to visit tomorrow before it reopens to all visitors from Wednesday.

The zoo will be open from 10am to 5pm each day and all visitors will need to pre-book online via the zoo website.

A spokesperson said: "It's been a long three months, but we're super excited to welcome you all back to the zoo.

"Thank you to absolutely every one of you who has supported us while we've been closed."