BOOK lovers are welcoming the news that libraries are beginning to open their doors again as lockdown continues to ease.

One library that is adapting to a ‘new normal’ is Redruth Library and Information Service, which welcomes back readers to its new premises in Alma Place.

Spacious and bright, the new library forms part of the new Civic Centre, which had plans to open to the public in June.

Undeterred, the Library is now set to open on Monday, July 6, offering members a range of modified services such as ‘click and collect’, and also a ‘record and refer’ option through its Information Service.

Falmouth Packet:

Claire Waterhouse, senior library and information assistant, said: “This wasn’t the grand opening of our fantastic new facilities that we wanted, but we are delighted to be able to get back to dealing with the public.

"Those returning and collecting books won’t be able to browse, but they will have a little sneak peak of what’s been going on since our move.”

The click and collect service will allow library users to pre-reserve books online, which will then be put aside to pick up at a later date.

It also allows members to return the books that they have borrowed, which are then stored for 72 hours before being returned to the shelves in line with new covid-19 policies.

The new Alma Place facilities is also home to the Information Service which, although unable to perform its usual array of functions, will be offering a ‘record and refer’.

Falmouth Packet:

Claire said: “This service will allow us to help where we can, and put people in touch with the agencies and staff who will be able to deal with their questions and issues by getting back to them.

“Sadly, our visitors will be unable to have access to our full range of services, such as computer access, photocopying, or browsing.

"We also can’t help with bus passes or document authorisation, but we are really excited to see our regular book worms and provide them with books that offer us all a little escape from reality.”