Today marks one week since part of Helston's town centre was closed to traffic - so how have businesses in that street been affected?

While some have seen a positive results, others have reported up to a 70 per cent loss in trade, with one shopkeeper claiming: "The road closure is destroying Helston businesses."

Shaunette of Mrs K's Fruit and Veg said she and her husband had been working 12 to 14-hour days throughout lockdown, delivering food to Mullion and Helston as well as running the shop, but were now having to throw produce away.

"We've given away all our strawberries today, rather than throw them in the bin. Normally they would have all gone Saturday morning," she said.

"It's not just us, it's all the other businesses as well. It's just absolutely awful what's gong on down here. You've got shopkeepers in tears.

"Our business has plummeted."

And Ben Faulkner, owner of Shop Locally Helston, which has remained open throughout the pandemic as an essential store, said his takings were 70 per cent down last week compared to the start of lockdown.

He added that after a 12-hour shift on Saturday he took only £75 after expenses, when normally he would take up to five times that.

Ben said: "I was doing alright. I shut my doors for two weeks for renovations, came back and within days was let know there was a road closure going in.

"Now they have locked it off potential customers are going elsewhere."

He said there needed to be better communication from the town council, adding: "Write us a letter so we're aware of what's going on.

"We understand there needs to be measures place so that customers, or potential customers, know they can be safe and they can come back and shop."

Tina Chapman-Dalley, owner of Sands Clothing, said footfall in her shop had been down last week, whereas her Hayle shop had been on a par with the previous week and equivalent period last year, and her Camborne shop had seen double the trade.

"In Helston, takings wise it's been a terrible week overall. Customers rallied on Saturday, because [shop manager] Jaimie was so upset. Some really good regulars came in and bought, but if they hadn't I don't know what she would have been like at the weekend. It's her baby."

However, she welcomed the announcement from the town council earlier today that disabled drivers and deliveries would now be given access to the street.

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"In the short term I totally agree we have to make compromises. I do think consultation is the key to this," she added, saying she would like to see the council also putting out more safety messages - in particular against wearing gloves, which actually spread the virus from shop to shop unless used properly.

Businesses in hospitality appear to have fared better, however, with daily queues seen outside Boo Koos, and Lee and Lisa Spicer of Hellys Tearoom saying: "Last week was by far our strongest week when compared to the previous five, whilst operating as takeaways only on Thursdays and Fridays.

"We fully appreciate and understand not all businesses can say the same and we sympathise with all that feel the closure has had a negative effect on their trade, but we also fully respect and appreciate that safety is of the upmost priority here and with hospitality being able to fully reopen as from the 4th, our streets are only going to get busier which will be difficult to control even with Meneage Street closed, let alone if it was open."

Falmouth Packet:

Boo Koos in Meneage Street has seen queues outside

However, Gillian Geer of Gillian's Larder believed there was no point in trying to compare footfall, explaining: "We are in conditions that no one has experienced. Yes my taking is down, but life is what it is, we must make people feel safe to shop again. And if that means shutting the street then so be it.

"All this negativity is doing the town much more harm. What would have been great is if all the shopkeepers had got together, organised entertainment and fun to make shopping a good experience."

Mrs Geer, who is also a member of the town council as well as a shopkeeper, stressed that all the councillors "care terribly" about the future of the town, and stressed: "This is not an under the radar way of pedestrianisation for Helston. In the eight years I have been a councillor it has never come to the table.

"People should also remember that we are all unpaid volunteers and gain nothing for ourselves.

"The volunteers manning the road closures should not have had to fend off verbal abuse. I am ashamed that the town I love is behaving so badly."