Climate awareness protestors set up camp on a roundabout in Helston this week to warn: "Inaction equals death."

Extinction Rebellion members stood in the middle of the Cottage Hospital Roundabout to hold signs in a bid to draw attention to the Government's Committee on Climate Change (CCC) report published on Thursday.

The protest group said: "It [the committee] said this week that new estimates of temperature rises could well be double those predicted when XR frightened us all with the science on London streets two years ago.

"The report says this is probable in less than 80 years time."

The progress report by the CCC sets out one of the priorities for all government departments as being: "Ahead of the CCC's next adaptation progress report in 2021, demonstrate adaptation planning for a minimum 2°C and consideration of a 4°C global temperature rise by 2100 from pre-industrial levels."

One member of XR Helston said: "In a week when temperatures in Siberia reached 38 degrees Celsius, this is really coming home to families.

“It means a new baby born today would face a horrendous world well within a normal lifetime, in most parts of the world, including Cornwall – it even may not be possible to live anywhere except at the Arctic and Antarctic poles.

Falmouth Packet:

"Already people, animals, insects and birds are dying from drought, flooding, fires, landslides, air and soil poisoning, agricultural land taken over by rising sea, and starvation from crop failure in other parts of the world– and that’s before temperatures rise by three or four degrees.

"It’s on its way everywhere, and it’s on its way to Cornwall. That’s why Government must get off its butt, immediately."

The report also states that the Government's response to Covid-19 offered an "immediate opportunity" to integrate climate ambitions with broader economic objectives.

The XR member added: "We know what has to be done to make life liveable, and we don’t have to invent anything else to do it. We just have to get on with it.

"There are three simple things we can and should do ourselves: email or write to your MP urging them to implement every single recommendation in the Climate Change Committee's 2020 report, and to do it now as a matter of life and death. If you’ve already written, write again.

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"Then two things we need to do in our own lives: change our bank if they’re still investing in oil and coal and tell them why you’re doing it, and change our electricity supplier if they aren’t getting all their electricity from a renewable source.

"It takes only a little time to find these things out and enough of us have enough time on our hands at the moment.

"Children and grandchildren alive today will see the death of everything we hold dear if we don’t."