The town council has decided what will happen regarding the closure of Meneage Street in Helston after today.

It has been closed for the last three weeks between 10am and 4pm, Monday to Saturday, with a view to helping customers socially distance safely. 

At the start of this week the council confirmed that the third week of the closure would continue as planned, with increased security after volunteers manning the barriers suffered "several incidents of abuse and intimidation."

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However, in a statement released this lunchtime the town council said: "Due to the continued easing of lockdown, Helston Town Council has taken the decision to not extend the road closure after the initial three-week period following consultation with businesses and members of the public.

"The road closure will cease after 4pm today (Friday, July 10). "The council continues to be concerned with the welfare of the public during the current Covid-19 pandemic and will instead introduce alternative measures to aid social distancing and support local businesses."

This will include extra signs being placed around the town centre reminding people of the importance of social distancing and encouraging users to wear face coverings as well as requesting that drivers observe a reduced speed and increased awareness of pedestrians.

To provide additional support for the businesses and encourage people to shop locally the town council will continue to offer a refund for the first hour's parking in the Cornwall Council car parks at Tyacke Road and Trengrouse Way.

The refunds can be obtained from participating businesses who are displaying a sign in their window.

The closure has been unpopular with many businesses in the street, who reported a loss in trade - sometimes of up to 70 per cent. 

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The council added: "Helston Town Council is concerned that the Covid-19 pandemic has not gone away and will continue to monitor the situation. If the current guidelines are not followed the Council acknowledges the possibility that restrictions may again need to be imposed."

Helston mayor John Martin said: “I believe that the road closure was not allowing us to enforce the Government guidelines as originally intended.

"I also believe our role is to inform and support rather than to enforce during this pandemic and beyond.

"We do not have the resources to enforce these ever-changing guidelines.

"However we do need our council, our residents and our businesses to inform and support each other and our wider community 24 hours a day and seven days a week as much as possible.

"I have to thank the town councillors, staff and particularly the volunteers for their excellent support during these difficult three weeks.”