A dog owner from Helston is to be sentenced next month after a child was injured in a play park.

Krishka Elizabeth Jackson, from Church Street, pleaded guilty to being in charge of a white pit bull terrier when it injured a child under the age of ten in Penzance.

Truro Magistrates' Court heard that the dog had been "dangerously out of control" when it attacked the child in Alexandra Play Park on October 19 last year.

Magistrates committed 40-year-old Jackson to Truro Crown Court for sentencing.

She will next appear at the court on August 6 and has been placed on unconditional bail until that date.

Information on the government website gov.uk states that is against the law in the UK to own certain types of dog, including a pit bull terrier.

Others include the Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino and Fila Brasileiro.

It follows the government introduction of the Dangerous Dogs Act in 1991, which was designed to try and stamp out illegal dog fighting.

However, if a person owns a dog that is banned but a court thinks it’s not a danger to the public it may be put on an Index of Exempted Dogs and the owner will be allowed to keep it.